Club Quarantäne

Live all weekend! Club Quarantäne is an international online club—the website functions as the venue, offering people a place to interact with each other virtually, providing the connection that's lacking from our daily lives right now, and looking forward to a future when we will dance side by side again.

Set times from 25 April (CET):
11:45 Ben UFO
13:15 Ash Lauryn
14:45 D. Tiffany
16:15 Beautiful Swimmers
17:45 Byron Yeates
19:00 MoMA Ready
20:30 nd_baumecker
22:00 Diskonnected
23:30 Slikback
01:00 Cashu
02:30 Exterminador
04:00 Anetha
05:30 Dax J
07:00 Julianna
08:30 Jayda G