Welcome in The Cloud Rave,

The umbrella for various streaming platforms where artists perform in a slightly different way than normal due to the current global situation. We’ve found that a central overview platform that bundles these live streams was missing, so we built it ourselves.

We want to give back to all the people who gave us so much in the nightlife scene, and the people who are giving their life today by being on the front line of the battle. Amongst whom the Red Cross, The Cloud Rave’s main charity.

Every weekend we partner up with Bud to bring the best talents and clubs in Amsterdam together. Listen to world class DJ sets and donate to the Red Cross foundation to support our heroes on the frontline.

The Cloud Rave aims to support everyone in the entertainment industry who is affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Musicians, artists, venues, clubs, technicians, visitors and more. Its the place where we keep you animated, while isolated.

The COVID-19 situation shouldn’t be the reason to throw the towel and just be sad all day by ourselves, alone at home. It shouldn’t stop us from doing what we love. Life is about performing and enjoying performances of others. This situation should be about finding new ways to explore the creative capacities of artists. We’ve seen the industries’ resilience and we’re sure our world finds a way to deal with this new situation.

But until then, we’d love for you to watch, groove, perform, interact and rave at our platform. Simply go to live sets to start watching , or submit your own live performance here.

#stayhome #staysafe

The Cloud Rave

All incomes go to The Red Cross International in order to fight COVID-19. Our partner Bud will match every donation -up to a maximum of €100.000,- through The Cloud Rave platform.